Boarding Facilities

We offer high quality cat boarding facilities. Our caring nurses monitor all cats during their stay to ensure they are enjoying their experience. You can rest assured that any medications are administered correctly, and your cat has access to prompt veterinary attention should the need arise. Our cattery is temperature controlled for the comfort of your cat and all cats are let out to stretch their legs, have a cuddle and play each day. 

If you require boarding for your canine friend, we offer a convenient drop-off/pick-up service for Hanrob Pet Resort.

puppy preschool and canine behavioural training

Socialisation is of utmost importance to ensure your puppy grows up to be a happy, well balanced adult dog. Liarne Henry, a certified dog trainer and behaviour specialist, runs a 4 week puppy pre-school from our very own clinic. You can contact us on 93634045 to enrol.
Liarne also does individual sessions and home visits to assist with any behavioural or obedience issues you may be experiencing. Find out more here.


We offer general grooming services such as: comfort clipping, trimming around the face, feet and bottom, nail clipping, anal gland expression and bathing (included medicated). Comfort is our goal with grooming, a fancy hair cut makes a fashion statement but our prime objective is to make sure your dog is comfortable so he can get on with the business of being a dog! Cat grooming is also available.

General Medicine

Free First Puppy and Kitten Checks

We will make sure your new family member is on the right track from the very start. Your new companion will get a complimentary check over* and we will formulate a healthcare plan for those confusing and important first few months of life.

*please note that if your pet is ill or needs medication/treatment this will be offered at your cost


Desexing is an important and necessary procedure for most pets, we are happy to discuss the health benefits of desexing your animal. We perform safe spay and neuter procedures using modern techniques on dogs, cats and rabbits - all at a competitive price. 


Young pets need a course of vaccines to protect them and other animals in the population from potentially deadly yet preventable diseases. We recommend annual boosters to maintain immunity, at which time your pet will receive a full check up - a year is a long time in the life of your pet!

Parasite Control

So many parasites, so many products! We stock a full range of modern and safe products to provide protection against fleas, ticks, gastrointestinal worms and heartworm. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can help formulate a preventative healthcare plan that works best for you and your pet to keep it safe from the nasties - all of them!


Nutrition is controversial topic, and there are plenty of opinions out there. We want the best for your pet to maintain optimum health throughout life, so we stock a range of wellness, lifestage, and prescription diets from only the most reputable brands that we trust. Our staff have the knowledge to make the best recommendations for your pet. If you want a larger size - let us know, we are always happy to order in to your requirements!


Over 70% of all cats and dogs have some form of dental disease - and just because they are eating doesn't mean it doesn't hurt! We offer free dental health checks so we can identify and treat problems before dental disease compromises your pet's wellbeing. Don't let your pet suffer silently. Our staff will gladly discuss preventative dental care options with you.

Senior Pet Health

It is our passion to make sure your companion is at his or her healthiest throughout every stage of life. Saying 'they're just old' doesn't cut it for us - we want your pet to have the best quality of life in their twilight years! Call us to arrange a senior health check today.  

Pet Insurance

We understand the growing costs of owning and caring for your pets, especially given ongoing advances in medical and surgical care. No pet owner wants to refuse ideal veterinary treatment for financial reasons, we therefore highly recommend pet insurance - FROM AN EARLY AGE! Pet Insurance can help when the unexpected occurs or when your pet is suddenly affected by disease or illness. When taking out an insurance policy for your pet it is vital to research and compare companies to find the best policy to fit with your family and lifestyle. We do not supply pet insurance, nor can we influence the cover your insurance company provides but we will happily discuss the ins and outs with you. ​​

Our Services:

123 Manning Road Woollahra. For any needs call us at: 93634045



We offer specialised surgical procedures for both soft tissue and orthopaedic complaints. Our state of the art anaesthetic techniques and monitoring equipment ensure the safest conditions for your pet.

nuclear medicine

Feline hyperthyroidism is one of the most common treatable diseases of senior cats in Australia. Pyrmont Veterinary Hospital works alongside our sister clinic Double Bay Vet Clinic in treating affected cats with gold-standard radioactive iodine therapy (I131). See our companion website for for more information.


diagnostic medicine

If your pet has a medical ailment, we can diagnose it. Our highly experienced team have a vast combined medical knowledge to draw upon, and we pride ourselves on the quality of the medicine we practice. We are fortunate enough to work alongside Professor ​Richard Malik -  one of the most qualified medicine vets in the country, and we have access to the very best diagnostic, surgical and medical equipment available. These include:

In-house Blood Tests - access to important diagnostic information in hours rather than days.

Imaging - Digital Radiography, Ultrasonography, Endoscopy - to assist in diagnosing your pet in the most non-invasive way possible.

ECG, Doppler Blood Pressure Measurement, Pulse Oximetry - to monitor and assess the all-important cardiovascular system.​​